12 Courses On Raising Seed Funding In Europe

If you haven’t already, please study my free Bootstrapping course.

Europe is now home to numerous Unicorns, and investors are becoming more ambitious all the time. Despite this, some of Europe’s traditional practicality remains, and another positive development is growing ties between European investors and their American counterparts.

If you are building a startup in Europe, it would be beneficial for you to examine some European success cases.

  1. Entrepreneurship Case Studies from Europe with Sramana Mitra

After that, it would be prudent to understand how European investors think.

With this course, we thoroughly discuss with a group of successful European investors the size of their investments, preferences, and the European startup trends they see in their deal flow.

2. How VCs Think About European Startups with Sramana Mitra

If you want to understand even further the subject of seed funding, take this course next.

3. How Seed Investors Think About Startups with Sramana Mitra

I’m frequently asked if I can introduce a startup to Angels or VCs, and it’s fine; however the reality is less than 1% of businesses are fundable.

What that means is more than 99% of the entrepreneurs waste their energy on pitching their unfundable businesses to investors. That is hugely unproductive.

I have nothing against funding. I have scores of friends who are investors and I have made successful connections between founders and their funders.

That said, I can only do that when a business is validated and reached the stage of being fundable, which usually means bootstrapping.

The following six courses below will help you grasp bootstrapping, which is a proven financing approach for a tech company until it has validated its product with paying customers. Study various types of bootstrapping and combine them to your liking. Choose those that are the most suitable for you. Apply the methodology.

4. Bootstrapping a Startup with Services with Sramana Mitra

5. Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later with Sramana Mitra

6. Bootstrapping a Startup with a Paycheck with Sramana Mitra

7. How to Bootstrap Startups by Piggybacking with Sramana Mitra

8. How to Bootstrap a Startup to Exit with Sramana Mitra

9. How To Succeed As A Solo Entrepreneur with Sramana Mitra

And finally, If you really want to save a lot of time during fundraising, learn how investors think so that you may connect with them in the language they understand.

10. Alternatives to Unicorn Chasing Investors with Sramana Mitra

11. How Pre-Seed Investors Think About Startups with Sramana Mitra

12. How Seed Investors Think About Deep Tech with Sramana Mitra

All of the above courses are based on The 1Mby1M Methodology. We offer this collection as a consolidation of tribal knowledge from successful tech entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders that can’t be found anywhere else. By taking those courses, you can gain instructive perspectives on how to build a thriving business methodically, step by step, instead of shooting from the hip and reinventing the wheel.

If you have any specific question, come and see me at a 1Mby1M free roundtable.

P.S. We’re looking to partner with community leaders who write blogs, teach and mentor entrepreneurs, and help support startup ecosystems in every corner of the world, no matter how small or how remote. I have written about my own journey building startup ecosystems around the world, and how you can draw from my lessons from the trenches. If you’re interested in partnering with 1Mby1M, please consider joining our ambassador program.

Looking For Some Hands-On Advice?

For entrepreneurs who want to discuss their specific businesses with me, I’m very happy to assess your situation during my free online 1Mby1M Roundtables, held almost every week. You can also check out our free Bootstrapping Course, our Udemy courses, YouTube channel, podcast interviews with VCs and Founders.

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Founder of the 1M/1M global virtual incubator

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Sramana Mitra

Sramana Mitra

Founder of the 1M/1M global virtual incubator

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