6 Artificial Intelligence Course Coupons on Udemy

Sramana Mitra
1 min readFeb 1, 2024


We are publishing this series to share inspiration and support from One Million by One Million (1Mby1M). You can learn what to expect from 1Mby1M here and “follow” me to never miss an article.

This month we are offering an up to 85% discount on our six artificial intelligence courses on Udemy:

How To Build AI Startups with Sramana Mitra: TRY1MBY1MFEB2024AI

Generative AI Startup Strategy Case Studies: TRY1MBY1MFEB2024GAI

Machine Learning AI Startup Case Studies: TRY1MBY1MFEB2024ML

Artificial Intelligence ML Startup Preview: TRY1MBY1MFEB2024AIM

From Developer to ML Entrepreneur Preview: TRY1MBY1MFEB2024D2EM

Humanity’s Future in the Age of AI: TRY1MBY1MFEB2024HUM

We have packaged our proven 1Mby1M methodology for building technology startups into many short courses on Udemy as part of our aim to democratize entrepreneurship education at scale globally.

For the month of February, we are also offering you up to 85% off of the additional courses found here.

All of these coupons will expire on February 29, 2024, so enroll today!

Photo by Mahdis Mousavi on Unsplash