8 Courses on How To Build a Machine Learning Startup

Sramana Mitra
2 min readOct 1, 2021


There are over 2 million students enrolled in Machine Learning courses on Udemy. The most daring will try to start their own businesses.

Here is a list of Udemy courses based on the 1Mby1M methodology that will assist budding entrepreneurs in creating a pragmatic strategy.

  1. Start by going through the case studies and sector overview. How To Build AI Startups with Sramana Mitra

Today, investors are only interested in AI businesses with idea validation, domain knowledge, data strategy, and unfair advantage. Most companies will need to bootstrap in order to meet those standards.

One strategy to tackle the chicken and egg problem of obtaining data for building an AI startup is by offering services to prospective customers. This will not only finance your business creation but will also strengthen relationships with potential customers.

For more, look into these three courses that cover a variety of bootstrapping methods.

2. Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later with Sramana Mitra

3. Bootstrapping a Startup with a Paycheck with Sramana Mitra

4. Bootstrapping a Startup with Services with Sramana Mitra

You should also learn how investors think before approaching VCs. Don’t go prematurely. Pre-seed funding is extremely difficult, rejection rates are very high. Take these courses to learn what investors want and avoid the time and emotional pain of repeated rejections.

5. How Pre-Seed Investors Think About Startups with Sramana Mitra

6. How Seed Investors Think About Startups with Sramana Mitra

7. Post-Seed and Pre-Series A Investors on Startups with Sramana Mitra

8. How Seed Investors Think About Deep Tech with Sramana Mitra

Here you have it. This is a complete list of Udemy courses that can help any Machine Learning entrepreneur get started. We hope you find them useful.

If you need help, come talk to me at a 1Mby1M roundtable program.

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