Big Idea For 2021: SaaS Companies Will Create 10 Million Jobs

Sramana Mitra
2 min readDec 14, 2020

I am writing this based on numerous conversations I have had over the last 18 months with SaaS CEOs.

My prediction: Starting in 2021, the SaaS industry will be on a path to create 10 million jobs.

The Platform IFs:

  • IF 1000 SaaS companies open up their platforms as a service, PaaS, as does, by 2025
  • IF each platform lets startups sell through its marketplace, as does, by 2025
  • IF each platform empowers 1000 startups to build on its stack by 2025
  • IF each startup reaches $1M in annual revenue by 2030
  • IF each startup hires an average of 10 employees by 2030

The Job Math:

1000 SaaS companies x 1000 startups x 10 jobs = 10 million jobs by 2030

The Win-Win:

  • 1000 startups x $1M in revenue on each PaaS platform/marketplace => $1B in total revenue for each platform ecosystem
  • 30% platform fee => $300M revenue for the SaaS company that owns the platform
  • $300M revenue => $3B+ in market cap gain for each SaaS player
  • 1000 SaaS players x $3B+ = $3 Trillion market cap gain for the SaaS industry

The REAL Math:

$1M annual revenue by 1M SaaS startups by 2030 => Trillion dollars in REAL global GDP


The PaaS trend is already in swing.

Starting in 2021, it will accelerate.

By 2030, it will change the world.

If you are a SaaS CEO or Board Member, please reach out to me to strategize.

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