Discounts for Popular Udemy — 1Mby1M Tech Startup Courses in August

Sramana Mitra
Aug 1, 2022


Our popular Udemy-1Mby1M Tech Startup Courses will be on sale through August! Learn how to put one step before the other on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you are just starting your entrepreneurship education or interested in startups raising venture capital, we have startup strategies and mentoring advice from successful founders and investors to share with you.

These courses are available throughout the month of August for $12.99 each. Discount coupons for our most popular courses are listed below. BUY NOW!

Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022AI
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022UNI
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022SOL
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022BTS
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022PAY
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022IDE
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022PRE
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022SEE
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022SVC
Coupon Code: TRY1MBY1MAUG2022TWO

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Sramana Mitra

Founder of the 1M/1M global virtual incubator